Our customers say...

Hi Armando
We leave in a few hours so I thought I’d send a note on the trip. Thank you for all your organization and planning. We’ve had a really fabulous time and appreciate your quick responses on the few things that didn’t work so well.

Iguazu - the transports and worked very well. Loi Suites is very beautiful, we were happy with our room, and the food in the restaurant is excellent as are the staff.

We had a great experience on the first day with Caracol and our guide Hector. We would like you to pass on to the company how wonderful Hector is as a guide. His English is very good, he’s extremely knowledgeable and we had a terrific day with him. We loved the boat under the falls as well.

The second day, however, is a different story. As you know, we had the day free until 15:15 when we went on the jungle ride Explorador. It was 100% complete waste of our money and our time. The people from Caracol said they never recommend that excursion because it is costly and there is regularly nothing to see. The guide tried to make it interesting but all we saw were spiders and ants. This is apparently usual for the trip. Given that this tour was half of our time in Iguazu, we are quite unhappy to have wasted a whole day. We could have gone to the Brazilian side as it would have been no problem to get a visa or we could have gone on the forest excursion and had a fun day.

Calafate - the hotel was fine. The rooms definitely need renovation but the staff are lovely and the breakfasts were good. As well, the hotel has a very nice spa and indoor pool.

Mini ice trek - amazing experience and the guides are wonderful. We also enjoyed the opportunity to go to the balconies.
Glacier Premium Gourmet - very nice trip, enjoyed the premium upgrade both in terms of the space and the food. Lunch was delicious.

For future clients, you might want to recommend a third day in El Calafate. The town has good restaurants and lots of interesting shops.

Mendoza - Flavia and Mariana were fantastic. Mariana just became a sommelier and she taught us a lot. The winery tour was very enjoyable although we were rushed. We got to Salatein (spelling?) too late for the tour and had no time to see the galley. We would recommend that there only be that one winery before lunch and that if people are going for a second day, they see other wineries then. The lunch is really nice.
The mountain day was amazing. As for the hotel, we didn’t think much of it. Flavia said there are no good 4 stars in Mendoza. We would have paid for a better hotel.

Santiago - all fine. The hotel is gorgeous and the neighbourhood is perfect.

Overall things have been really good and Argentina is a very beautiful country with wonderful people. If I were recommending this trip to someone I would stay an extra day in El Calafate and 2 days only in Mendoza. Aside from the Iguazu jungle trip, we are quite satisfied.

--Ellen (Apr 2019)

Buenos Dias Armando,
I am feeling a bit better now, thanks. I will need to take the antibiotics for a week to fully recover, but am able to function again. Fransico was so helpful. He is a kind man and was so good to us.

Your services were magnificent! I was overwhelmed by such personal service: meeting us at the cruise terminal, helping us check-in for the flight to Iguazu, the day tour in Buenos Aires. We were treated by VIPs. The Tango dinner also went smoothly, and thank you for a very good table; I think you must have arranged that. Thank you again for getting the transformer for us; I hope that you can use it in the future.

It was the same in Iguazu. All the guides for the transfers and visits to the falls were warm. friendly, knowledgeable and made sure we were taken care of. Despite my illness, we really enjoyed Iguazu. Please let me know if if I can post a review online somewhere.

I will continue to recommend you to anyone visiting Argentina, and I hope that we can stay in touch. We told Fransico that he can stay with us if he visits Toronto and we extend the same invitation to you.

I hope that we meet again,

--Steve (Feb 2019)

Armando arranged a great trip for us! Everything went very smoothly and was well organized. Flights, ground transportation, hotels, and excursions all went very well, never a complication. He tailored a memorable trip based on our requested sights and activities. Highly recommended.

--John, Arlington VA (Oct 2018)

Hello Armando,

Wanted to let you know that we got back to the US safely, and also to thank you for all you did to make our trip to Argentina really memorable. The arrangements were great and everything ran so smoothly. The people who guided, drove, and helped us were fantastic. We’d be happy to write a testimonial or a review on TripAdvisor or whatever travel site you’d like - just let us know.

If we’re back to Argentina in the future (and I hope we will be!) - we’ll be in touch.

Best regards,
--Andrew and Chandy (Oct 2018)

Hi Armando,

We're at the airport waiting for our flight. Thank you for organizing such an amazing trip for us! We had an absolutely AMAZING time!!

Eduardo, thank you for showing us around Buenos Aires! You are a wealth of knowledge on the city and truly a gentleman. We're going to miss you!

--Nate and Jeff (Oct 2017)


In December 2015 you facilitated the wedding for my husband John and myself. It’s been nearly a year, but we finally have preliminary approval for his visa and hopefully, his green card. I just wanted to thank you and tell you that John Anderson and I think of you and your excellent team frequently. Soon we will be married for one year, thanks to you.

I’ll let you know when /if John and I are finally together in the United States. Everything is very uncertain now that Trump will be president. It is possible that gay marriage will become illegal and that even legal immigrants are deported without cause. A very sad time in American history.

Thank you and we wish you and your family and friends a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2017.

-- Stuart & John (Nov 2016)

Thank you so much for all your organisation and everything you have done for us during the week. Our tour to Tigre with Nicholas, the gay night out and the tango show all went very well and we have had a lovely time at St Telmo Hotel (even though a few too many stairs for 2 old men like us).

We really appreciate all you have done for us and we look forward to keeping in contact with you. We will be creating some articles about BA and your tour company will feature as part of that work.

We also hope all is going well for you at home. Our very best wishes for a good outcome there.

Nicholas is a wonderful tour guide and we have really enjoyed getting to know him better. He has taught us so much about the city and Argentina in general. Overall our experience with you and the package deal you put together for us has been excellent and we will be highly recommending your company to others who want safe, well organised and affordable travel in this country.

Take care and thanks again.
-- John & Gavin (Feb 2016)

"Happiness in marriage is not something that just happens.
A good marriage must be created.”

Dear Armando,
apologize for the long silence.

Please accept our warmer thanks for all your work in making the arrangements for our marriage in Buenos Aires; we were delighted about the accommodation (San Telmo Luxury), the support of your staff (Mr Juan particulary was amazing) and all what you have done for us! Everything was perfect and you made us feel at home.

We had a very nice time in BA and we enjoyed the time spent together, from the ceremony to the dinner at Lalo’s restaurant.

Once again, big thank you for making those days special!
Next year during our holidays in Brazil we are planning to visit BA, hope to see you all again.

We wish you the best of luck!

-- Mirko and Daniela (Jan 2016)


I had a FANTASTIC stay in Buenos Aires in big part to you and Eduardo. I wanted to thank you for all your help in planning my stay in your great city. The initial tour of the city with Eduardo was a great way to see the city and learn more about the history and architecture of BA. It was the perfect start to my trip because I was able to return for more in-depth experiences to the locations I liked most.

The tango show at the Esquina Carlos Gardel was phenomenal! The dancing and music were great – it was a highlight of my trip. I also really enjoyed my trip up to el Tigre to see a different part of Argentina.

Lastly, I really appreciate you helping to arrange my travel to and from the airport (and your flexibility with my delayed arrival). It was also a big stress relief that you were willing to exchange money for me and met me at my apartment as soon as I arrived. Overall, I had a wonderful time in Buenos Aires – I fell in love with the city.

I plan to return and could see myself living in BA one day. I’m going to take a class here in the US to learn Spanish so I can return in a few months with better communication skills. Thank you again; I appreciate all your assistance.

You helped to make my vacation really special – thank you! Please pass my thanks on to Eduardo as well.

-- Jordan (Nov 2015)
PS - I met a doctor while I was in Buenos Aires (he lives in BA) and I’ve fallen madly in love hahahaha. Maybe you’ll help us plan our wedding one day ;)

Dear Armando,
Sonram and I would like to thank you for your attention to detail in making the arrangements for our marriage in BA. It was rather stressful, as you know, but you helped us to get through it. Thank you.

I tried also to write to Eduardo, but his emails are bounced back to me. We would like to thank him for his generosity and patience in showing us your wonderful city.)

We had a very nice dinner and ceremony in Ubon Ratchathani, as well. (Our honeymoon in Istanbul was cut a bit short, as we were robbed by a very dishonest restaurateur and then, when I insisted we not be cheated by a taxi driver, we were assaulted quite brutally; we were not hurt beyond bruises, but he was very violent and vicious. So we flew back to Bangkok and had a relaxing time there, instead!)

Thank you for making this all possible! (We are now dealing with all of the paperwork for a US visa, which can take a year, during which he may not visit the US, but I am planning to be back in Thailand for the first week of November to spend time together.)

All the best,
-- Tom and Sonram (Sept 2015)

Good Afternoon Armando,
I want to thank you so much for arranging such a great trip for me on such short notice.
The tour of Buenos Aires was wonderful and Eduardo was a great host and awesome guide.
I had a blast at the Argentine experience, it was a fun dinner, the food and drink was amazing.
It was nice to meet some other travelers and discuss our experience in Buenos Aires.
The Spanish Lessons at Ayers de Espanol was great, both Graciella and Anna are marvelous teachers.
I did not get a chance to participate the in the pub crawl Saturday night, I was feeling a bit under the weather.
I found walking and experiencing the city of BA, a fantastic experience. I am so grateful for all your help and guidance, it was greatly appreciated.

I am looking forward to another trip to Buenos Aires and the Iguazu falls with you and your awesome team as my guides.

Best Regards,
--Coleman (Aug 2015)

Hi Armando.
Thank you for making my visit to Argentina a memorable one.
I had a great time. Your assistance was great in making my trip a relaxing, worry free and delightful one.

All was in great order. I will highly recommend your service to others.
Eduardo was a great tour guide, very friendly and knowledgeable of the city and it's history.

Once again, muchas gracias.
--Rolando (Jul 2015)

Hi Armando!
Everything was excellent!!! Eugenia is delightful and I very much enjoyed spending time with her on my visit. She was extremely knowledgeable and suggested places that were just what I wanted to experience!
When I organize the two small groups I hope to do late in 2015, I certainly want to have her assigned to group!
Thanks again for everything and look forward to working with you in the future. Please keep in touch with anything of interest.
Happy New Year!!!
--Lou (Dec 2014)

Hi Armando,
Randy and I completely enjoyed our trip.
Thanks for all of your efforts in giving us one of the best vacations we have ever had.
--Don (Dec 2014)

Armando, we can't say thank you anuff for all you and your group did for us.
Our lives changed today, it's a amazing feeling as you well know.
Thank you for all.
--Lisa and Renata (married at Buenos Aires, Nov 2014)


I would like to thank you for organizing a most memorable trip to visit your beautiful country and lively Rio.
Your service was excellent, with very well chosen hotels, courteous and punctual drivers who spoke fluent English, as well as some wonderful activities, such as the Tango dinner show in Buemos Aires, the visit to Igauzu Falls (except for heavy rain for part of day), and the full-day city tour in Rio.
Your prompt response to our questions and follow-up are most appreciated.
Mucho gracias. Hasta luego!
--Jonas (November 2014)


Peter and I very much enjoyed Pablo.... he was an excellent guide and we are very happy customers. Thanks for recommending him.

--Dennis (February 2014)


Michael and I have returned home from our vacation in South America. We had a fantastic and awesome time. We want to thank you for your help in arranging for our Mendoza trip, the transportation in Buenos Aires, and our penguin excursion with Pira Tour in Ushuaia. They all went smoothly, and contributed much to our very good time in South America.

Again, thank you, and may 2014 be a healthy and happy one for you.

--Terry (January 2014)

Dear Armando,

Eduardo refunded us for the transfer, so it all worked out okay.

Thank you so much for everything that you did for us. It was a wonderful vacation. We enjoyed San Telmo Luxury Suites and La Aldea de la Selva, as well as the evening events. We were certainly not expecting private guided tours in either Buenos Aires or Iguazu, but the experiences were great in both places. Eduardo spent so much time with us that we honestly did not know how much to tip him, so we hope he was satisfied. Our guide Adrian with Caracol Tours was excellent and really looked out for us.

We will definitely recommend you to friends who may plan to visit Argentina, and told our local friend about your company as he has some friends planning to be there in January. If you would like us to make a recommendation of your services on any websites, just let us know.

Gracias de nuevo,

--Howard & John (December 2013)

Customer opinion - Buenos Aires Gay travel
--Richard & Martin (November 2013)

We got back to Canada a week ago. We had a great time in Brazil and enjoyed our trip very much. Thank you again for helping us with all the bookings. It made our trip much easier.
Iguazu was so much fun and so beautiful. We only booked the Brazil side with your package but decided to also go to Argentina side when we arrived. The driver who picked us up at the airport gave us the suggestion to go to Argentina because we were there for two days. We agreed. I believe the tour we booked for Argentina was with the same tour agency that you booked us for Brazil excursion. We had a private English tour guide for both sides of the Falls and he, Sebastian, was wonderful.
Thank you again for everything Armando and we do plan to go back to Rio de Janerio someday. Best regards,
--Phong & Mark (February 2013)

Hi Armando
The trip was great. Thank you for all your planning and great suggestions. Everything went exactly as planned. We really enjoyed our guide at Igauzu, Muriel, she was very good fun and funny. Peru was also awesome, the guides and organization, top notch.
The "gay guide" in Buenos Aires was a little flat, could be more outgoing, but was OK. Again thanks for everything, you made a great impression for our frist South American trip! Hope all goes well in 2013.
--Daniel (January 2013)

Armando takes good care of you! We had the most wonderful trips to Iguazu and El Calafate, expertly arranged by Armando and expertly hosted by private tour guides. Both trips exceeded all of our expectations and created unforgettable memories. Thank you so much and we will always recommend you to any friends traveling to Argentina!
--Chris M., San Francisco, California (January 2013)

This is Dan and Din story, two 'DIFFERENT' Brazilian girls, which met it other in a chat room website. One day they decided to meet it other face to face and at this moment a number of issues and affinities started happening. They gave a chance to the destiny ignoring limits, as well as fears and prejudices to stay together.

The relationship was so successful that within a few months they were already living together, totally in love and realizing that your feelings surprised them every day. Din was completing its passage at that city and was earning a position very relevant to her professional career at USA. They were very apprehensive because Dan had a position in Brazil and Din had to move immediately. So, Dan and Din decided that Din would go to USA and Dan would go lately. As the relationship had become serious and both really wanted this commitment, they decided to marry. Looking at the entire situation, they decided to get married at Buenos Aires city (Argentina), which is the Country that hold homosexual union. Fortunately, they found the Buenos Aires Gay Travel (BAGayTravel) agency, which is the official gay tourism agency.

In Argentine foreign tourists are allowed to get married at Civil Register after stay five days at Buenos Aires city. The National Constitution and Migration Laws provides that any alien or foreign, regardless of their sexual orientation, can perform their wedding at Buenos Aires city. So, BAGayTravel agency follows us in all procedure of the our weeding with high performance.

Telling this story we recommend the BAGayTravel agency, which help us during the entire Buenos Aires stay with responsible and high level professionals, to be responsible in your wedding procedure. The BAGayTravel agency is the very honest agency that allows Dan & Din wedding to be immortalized.
--Dan and Din (September 2012)

I wanted to say “thank you” to you and the team for taking such great care of John and Satchio over the Christmas break. They had a great time, thanks to you and they cannot say enough about how great you and the team were.
I really appreciate it and for that reason do not hesitate to recommend you.
--Mike (2012)

Hi Armando,
Andrew and I wanted to send a quick note to say we had a **wonderful** wine tasting and horseback riding tour here in Mendoza with Virginia and her driver Jorge. THANK YOU again for making the arrangements for us! It was a very lovely day touring the lovely Mendoza region and seeing the vineyards and tasting the delicious wines from the area. And Virginia couldn't have been a more perfect hostess. She and Jorge were prompt in picking us up this morning and she showed us fabulous time. Thank you again! Tomorrow we head over the Andes to Santiago.

Best regards,
--Jim & Andrew (2011)

Dear Armando every day is a gift for me it is an amazing experience, just did the minitracking on the glacier. Imago Hotel is outstanding!
Thank you for your conceirne,
--Hans (2011)

I wanted to tell you the Bedfords were so delighted with all your services. The staff, etc were great. The only negative comment was the gal who met them in IGU did not speak fluent English and was a bit snooty. Otherwise they were very happy. THANK YOU !!

They loved Eduardo. Please pass on their comments.
--Mike (HB Travel) (2011)

We just wanted to let you know that we are having a fantastic time here in Mendoza. Thank you so much for recommending the trip and organizing everything for us. The hotel is perfect. The location allows us to walk everywhere, and the level of service and all of the amenities are very nice. Flavia met us at the airport, and our exclusive tour of the winery today was wonderful. We appreciated the smooth professionalism of the driver and our tour guide. Everything was structured so that we could proceed at whatever pace we desired - and we felt very comfortable to ask any questions (and we asked a lot of them!).

We have been sharing our adventures in Argentina with our friends via email, so if any of them decide to visit Buenos Aires, we will recommend that they contact you for any travel needs.

Thanks for creating such an enjoyable experience for us - we appreciate it!
--Jeff & Nelson (2011)

I’ve always wanted to visit Buenos Aires because I found it a very attractive city, but visiting it has exceeded all my expectations. Buenos Ares’ cultural life is fascinating, the amount of bookshops I found allowed me to get rare books and almost imposible to find on teaching and pedagogy. There are also a great quantity of bars and restaurant Brazilian style that made my stay there honestly insuperable. I especially recommend the hot-air balloon trip and the theatre shows I had the chance to see, which are identical or even better than the ones we’ve seen in the mythical “canecao” carioca.
--Sabina M. (2010)

Hi Armando!

first of all, thanks for organizing everthing so perfectly. Markus and I did enjoy our short holidays very very much. For myself it was the first vacation since a long time and I feel really relaxed now.

The hotel was perfect and we did like the tours guided by Eduardo. He took care that much about us and he was perfect with his lot of knowledge.

I phoned with my boyfriend right before (I am already back from home for work) and we both agree that everthing was a highlight and we will come again this year. We just have to plan with work when. If in September, then we will see the northern parts of your country. If in your summer (next november/dcember) then for a longer time with a trip to the north and the south.

Once again thanks for your perfect job, what did make our stay unforgettable. You can send me offers for a longer stay but do not hurry, fist we must plan our vacation time.

--Christian and Markus (2010)

Dear Armando,

Thank you for meeting us in Buenos Aires. We made it back to Anchorage without problems.

We had a great time in Mendoza. We were nicely surprised that we had a private tour with a driver and a guide. The selection of wineries and restaurants were outstanding. We liked staying at the lodge but thought we may have seen and enjoyed Mendoza if we had stayed near the town square. Also, if we were staying in the city, we could possibly get a snack before dinner since Argentine dinner tradition is much later than what we are used to.

We equally enjoyed Buenos Aires. We liked the hotel although it was definitely very different and modern. We were not able to get a late check out because the hotel was completely booked. We vacated our room by noon.

We had a very good time and had already recommended Mendoza and Buenos Aires as destinations for several of our friends. Thank you so much for arranging a wonderful trip.
--Brian and Tim (2010)

Hello Armando

Herewith my comments that may be of help to others following my path:

Hostel Morada is great for people more under 30. It has a great atmosphere but the people are up until 4 in the morning and unless you plan to sleep until 10, it is hard to actually get much quiet sleep. The people were wonderful and helpful, but for oldsters like myself it may not be the most appropriate place.

Nativo travel can also do a two day trip that may be a better introductio to the region around Cordoba. It would follow the cirdcuit of the stancias, go through Cerro Colorado, but also include Gigantes, and the falda. This would be a way to see more diversity of the countryside and have amore variety. However, they don´t offer the tour regularly so it would take a group that was interested should that be available. The guide, Xavier, was very knowledgeable, but particularly about the aboriginal culture because he is an anthropologist so this is his field and he gave great insight on this tour.

Che Pampa was more reserved and both Juliana (with whom you spoke) and Federico were amazingly helpful and engaging. They went out of their way to be helpful and make certain I was able to achieve all that I wanted. Of course, it is a hostel so if people have problems sharing, it will not be appropriate. I also doubt that there are beds that allow two people to sleep side by side. They are bunkbeds instead. I would definately stay there again both for its proximity to the city center and because of the staff.

The Rosario City tour was amazingly wonderful. The person who gave it was clear and engaged with me on many different levels. Thank you for that.

Aguas Blanca was superb. It is not for everyone. No loud music blaring in the night, no all night drinking parties, only peace and quiet. Rafael (the owner) is amazingly handsome, engaging, and willing to share his knowledge of the island and his business. Toto who is an islero taught me much about the traditional way of living and the cusine. There was also a guarani... I am not certain if he is there full time or only to help in the building of the space, but it was interesting to speak with him about aboriginal cosmology in contradistinction to that of the West.

The evening horseback riding was amazing and Rafael can arrange for early morning trips if someone wants to see the arrival of the sun. In truth, the sunrise is magnificent and is worth staying overnight though there is no air conditioning which is not much of a problem since the islands are cooler. The bathroom was beautiful with jacuzzi and shower, and all the conveniences that could be wanted. It is a unique experience should a person be interested in this sort of experience.

The buses worked out well and were always on time and went where they were supposed to go.

For gay travelers, one idea is to print out www.cordobag.com and www.rosariog.com (I don´t know whether they are .ar as well or not) as an added service should anyone want to know ¨the places¨. In fact, I had no time or energy to sleuth around for that, but expect people would be interested to at least have that at their disposal. Also, during my time in Cordoba the festival of Jesus Maria was happening. This is a very argentinian kind of thing. If someone wanted to see eomthing like this, it might make sense to suggest it. It is a bit overwhelming as the city grows from 20,000 to 80,000 with people camped out on the streets, and the stadium filled with everyone, but it is a wonderful experience should one be adventerous enough to explore a little off the path.

If anything further comes to me, I will certainly transfer the information to you. I hope this is of some help, and, again, thank you for all your support and help in getting this to work smoothly.
--Arthur (2010)

Hi Armando,

The trip to Salta was excellent. I really enjoyed both excursions, though the Train to the Clouds was delayed for a few hours so we didn't get back until 2.30am! The hotel was conveniently located and the staff were really friendly, and all the transfers arrived when they were supposed to. So all in all it went perfectly, so thanks for all your help arranging everything.

Best wishes,
--Jon (2009)

I live in Recife and I liked the idea of visiting your city as well as the South lake region. It was an unforgettable experience to do it through Buenos Aires gay travel this summer. We found delicious places in the lonely south, that allowed us to have a second honey-noon with my partner after so many years together, another thing I recommend with enthusiasm. We couls visit the MALBA museum, that gave us an amazing glimse at Latinamerican art. I hope to go back this summer to visit it again, and I will even take advantage to take some live models drawing course at the Circulo de Bellas Artes. I will never forget the nights at Amerika, where the festive environment reminded us of the best nights at Rio’s discos.
--Marcio N. d.A. (2009)

I am a baseball player and I’ve always wanted to take my holidays in South America, as I like swarthy young gay guys as well as beer. My friend Michel, who had travelled with you to Buenos Aires, recommended your travel agency. I was in Buenos Aires for 7 days. I really liked it. I learnt to dance tango and I stayed 10 more days visiting diferent gay spots. Nowadays I’m preparing my second trip to visit a friend who lives there. I will travel through Buenos Aires Gay Travel, of course.
--Etienne B. (2009)

Hi pals! Mi name is Robert, I live in California, and I travel on business to Buenos Aires. When I first travelled with Buenos Aires Gay Travel, I really liked your treatment. On my fifth visit to your country, on holidays, I met Nicolás in Ushuaia, a young Argentinian who is nowadays my partner, and who I will spend my honey-moon in El Calafate with, because we like spending our holidays in skiing places with snow.
--Robert M. (2008)

I heard about Buenos Aires Gay travel through an Argentinian friend that lives in Madrid. When I arrived in Buenos Aires, I was impressed by the gay life, the tango and the trips to Mendoza and Salta allowed me to meet my Argentinian uncles, which made my holidays the unforgettable. I swear, as my name is Sancho, that I will be back this summer, yes sir!
--Sancho X. R. (2008)

Hi Armando,
Thanks for the note. I had a very nice first trip to Buenos Aires and plan to return. Thanks for your assistance in making the arrangements for tours in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.
Here are my comments:
The pickup at the EZE airport was great. Excellent car and driver.
The Hotel Balmoral is very worn for a 4 star but the price was right. I wouldn't stay there again. The location at the Plaza Cagancha is central. The staff is only ok, not bad and not all that good. I'll probably go to Punta del Este and Colonia on the next trip. The tour of Montevideo was very good.
Again, thanks for your services and delivery of the documents.
--Kenneth LeBlanc

Hi Armando; I came back from my 23 days South America trip for the first time last week. In this trip i visited Rio, Brazil...Montevideo, Uruguay...Buenos Aires, Argentine...and Santiago, Chile.... it was a fantastic trip and i enjoyed a lot. My trip to Montevideo, Buenos Aires, and Igazu, as you know, was arranged by you and your Agency. The Montevideo, Punta del Este, and Iguazu falls was excellent arrangement. Everything was on time, the people who pick me up, and the city tours were all very good, friendly, and professional.....The Buenos Aires which i had more expectations was not as good as other places. You were nice to come and greeting me at the Port. The city Tour in Buenos Aires was not as good as other places. The Tango-Dinner show by itself was excellent, and the place was very elegant.. Anyway, the whole trip was EXCELLENT, and the HIGHLITE of that was Iguazo falls and the Rio, Carnaval. Both were MAGIC and Spectacular. Thank you Armando for your job, and i hope to come back again to your Beautiful Buenos Aires again.

Hi Armando,
Everything worked out fantastic!!
I had a wonderful visit to Rio and the tours were great!!! Thank you for organizing things so well, and answering so many questions. If I have another Sunday with no work before going home, I may be back in touch!!!
--Thanks again, John

Just back from Cataratas de Iguazu. Wow!!! It is hard to find words to describe the falls. They are just spectacular. It rained quite a lot on Tuesday, the day we arrived, but we didn't care. The tour guide was fantastic and we walked all of the trails (ALL of them) from about 12:00 to 18:30. Thank you so much for organizing the trip. Everything was flawless and we felt very well taken care of by everyone we encountered.
--Best, Chris

Hi Armando, Thanks for the follow up. I had a wonderful time in Argentina. Your service and your suggestions were the best. It was a great touch when I was told by Eduardo (driver/guide) that you would be meeting me at the hotel on my first day and to have time with you for a copa de vino. This is truly the best service. I have recommended your company to others while I was in Argentina and will continue to do so back here in the states to those who have a longing to visit Argentina. It was a special pleasure to have the same driver/guide for various activities. Eduardo was a true professional and full of history and wonderful stories. It was also nice to meet others, like David, from the city tour.

Thank you again for the wonderful experiences from the steak dinner recommendation, to the Iguacu falls experience, and the Tango dinner and show, and the leisurely day trip to Uruguay.

Muchas gracias!

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